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Welcome foreign companies who are interested in Japan.
The business outline;
export / import products and technologies
invest / related real estate /others
Our professional traders make total proposals including logistics utilizing the global networks of partner companies, bases across Japan, and merchandising functions.  We can manage to provide in a variety of products of over 1,000 brands from food goods and daily goods to traditional crafts.We are happy to receive matters from small-lot trades to large-scale investment. 


Choice of reliable partner is the key of success

“Language”, “human network”, “business practice”, “reliance”, “high cost” and “laws”; these are part of problems in overseas transaction for many companies.
Focusing on values of your business, we make every effort with you to make any potential of business maximum while fully taking advantage of our overwhelming information power, broad procurement capability and consistent support system.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests.
Many successful businesses have realized starting with contacts made to our company from this page.

A Corporation (import/export, southeast Asia)

After signing an indefinite period partnership contract with us, successfully signed a local distributer contract with a major Japanese infrastructure company.

Currently in preparation of launching a Japanese subsidiary.


B Corporation  (import/export, southeast Asia)

After signing a partnership contract with us, started exporting products from 25 Japanese food manufacturers and 10 general goods companies. 


C Corporation (manufacturing, south Asia)

Started sales in a Japanese website via import by our company.


D Corporation (manufacturing, east Asia)

Development of sales channel in Japan, tenant arrangement, office management, etc.


E Corporation (import/export, east Asia)

After signing a partnership contract with us, obtained a 7 year exclusive local marketing rights with a Japanese health related company.  



Above is only a small part of the ongoing projects, and many more are launching as we speak.

Please feel free to contact us. 

Japan Intermediation
Trading business service export and import in Japan

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